Scott Anthony speaker

Scott Anthony

Author and speaker on growth and innovation, creativity and entrepreneurialism.

Peter Balbus speaker

Peter Balbus

Futurist and expert in technology and harnessing the economic power of innovation.

Rick Barrera speaker

Rick Barrera

Acclaimed customer service and marketing consultant.

David Ben speaker

David Ben

Entertainer and speaker on innovation, author of Advantage Play: A Manager's Guide to Creative Problem Solving.

Alexander Blass speaker

Alexander Blass

Grand prize winner of the Daily Recordís Top Innovator of the Year Award, speaker on creating innovation Culture.

Marcel Boyer speaker

Marcel Boyer

Accomplished bilingual economist and speaker

Erik Brynjolfsson speaker

Erik Brynjolfsson

Award-winning Innovation and Technology Researcher, Author and Professor at MIT

Daniel Burrus speaker

Daniel Burrus

Futurist who speaks on technology, trends and innovation. Author of TechnoTrends.

Joe Calloway speaker

Joe Calloway

Speaker on customer loyalty, sales, and teamwork. Author of Focus On The Customer: Winning And Keeping Todayís Tough New Customer.

Dr. James Canton speaker

Dr. James Canton

Renowned global futurist, social scientist, keynote speaker on business trends

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